How to Replace Cracked Ceramic Tiles


No more boring than to see the pictures of cracks in the bathroom or kitchen. Over time, the cracks to collect dirt between the two, then even more obvious to see.

Replace cracked tiles are not as difficult as it seems. But whatever you do, never try to lever the tile with a screwdriver or a knife otherwise you could end up cracking more than one.

Leave the tile can be relatively simple if you follow the recommended guidelines. Find a replacement tile can be more difficult. If it is difficult to find an adequate replacement for your broken tiles, then what you can do is choose a replacement card to be presented at the wall. Something like the mosaic pattern will do, as long as all the colors match.
To remove a broken tile, need a grout rake, hammer, chisel, fine screwdriver, large knife, sponge and polishing cloth. You may also need a hand or electric drill with a few stones. You will also need glue, tile grout flexible matching some color and some tile spacers.

So now, here’s how you can repair a broken tile yourself:

1) Carefully rake the grout for the tile is completely separate from the rest of the tile.

2) Drill holes with pieces of stone directly on the tile.

3) Set the tile center, cutting the tile with a hammer and chisel. Make sure you take small pieces at a time, so be sure to wear safety glasses of some sort to prevent and chips in the eyes.

4) After the plate is completely clean the edges, then prepare the surface for the new tab. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and flat. You may need to level the surface with gypsum products.

5) Use a lot of cheap glue, replace the tile adhesive instead. Check if the part exactly in line with other joints and perfectly clean and dry. You may have to work fast enough time to do that, because some of the tail has begun to put in place very quickly after application.

6) When the tables are fully implemented (usually about 24-48 hours later.) You can then met with grout. Remember to clean the tile grout before drying. Then paint with a clean cloth quickly integrate new tab in both.

Yes, replace the cracked tiles is a very difficult job. And with a little common sense and know-how, then you can save a shame that people bitch cracked tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.

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How to Replace Cracked Ceramic Tiles


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