How to protect your printed art canvas


I have just a short tip I thought up the other day. I have this wonderful lighthouse printed canvas that my sister gave me and my husband for our wedding. I had it hanging up in my daughter’s bathroom, near the bathtub hanging over the toliet, perfect for her beach themed bathroom! However, my daughter somehow, impressively even, managed to splash water from the tub up onto the artwork causing water washout spots where the water hit. As you can see the water was taking a toll on the painting, so I took it down for quite some time.

How to protect your printed art canvas
Art canvas with water marks

But then inspiration struck! I had gotten some clear matte sealant in a spray can from Home Depot {my happy place} for another project.
How to protect your printed art canvasI took the canvas outside, put on saw horses and gave the whole canvas a nice even coat. Now I was terrified that spraying this sealant might melt the canvas and ruin the entire thing, so I practiced on a part of the canvas that was streched on the back side of the canvas to make sure it wouldn’t have any adverse reactions with the colors. No reactions found. I ended up giving it 3 coats just to be safe and then it was returned to the rightful place in the bathroom.
How to protect your printed art canvasShort and sweet but really helped! I plan on doing this to other pieces I have in our master bathroom just to make sure the humidity doesn’t get to them!

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How to protect your printed art canvas


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