How to make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again


Have you ever reached into your cabinet to offer a cold drink to someone only to realize that you have cloudy glasses covered with a film? I don’t know about you, but I don’t do a lot of inspecting of my dishes when I am putting them away out of the dishwasher. I like to assume that the dishwasher is doing its job.

How to make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle AgainIt’s not until I’m offering a drink to someone (other than my immediate family) that I even notice how bad they look. Over time, minerals in your water may leave a buildup of film on your glasses. Sometimes you have to put in a little extra work to get them clean. Enter Distilled White Vinegar- the power house of all household staples.How to make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle AgainWhat you’ll need to do to get those everyday glasses sparkling again is pretty simple.
Take some paper towels and soak them with vinegar. Squeeze out most of the excess liquid. Apply the wet paper towels directly to the glass and rub away the film. Rinse with water and dry.How to make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle AgainWah-lah! No more embarrassing cloudy glasses. Is there anything that vinegar can’t do? Use it to make salad dressings, household cleaners, and weed killer. The list goes on and on. What’s your favorite use for vinegar?
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How to make Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again


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