How to make Bouncy Balls

-Borax – you can found it in the laundry section of the store – you’ll need 1 tb
-Warm water – half of a cup
-Cornstrach – you can found it in the baking section of the store – you’ll need 1 tb
-Food Coloring
-White or clear Glue 2 tb(ex Elmer`s glue)
-You’ll also need 2 plastic cups for mixing

1. In one cup mix 2 tablespoons of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon borax.
2. Stir to dissolve.
3. Add food coloring if you like (if you don’t the balls will turn out to be white from the Elmer’s Glue.)
4. In the second cup, put 1 tablespoon of glue and add 1/2 teaspoon of the Borax solution you just made plus 1 tablespoon cornstarch.
5. DO NOT STIR.  Give the ingredients about 15 seconds to work their magic and then stir.  You want to stir until it gets too hard.  This mixture feels like wet cement in your hands so stir in the cup as long as you can.
6. Once it gets too hard, use a spoon to put it all in your palm and start gently rolling into a ball.  Keep rolling until it is no longer gooey and starts to get a solid shape.
7. Set it aside for just a few minutes until it is no longer sticky to the touch.
8. And bounce!!
9. We added a little glitter to the ball during the rolling process and it turned into a sparkly glitter ball.

Note : 
Don’t eat the materials used to make the ball or the ball itself. Wash your work area, utensils, and hands when you have completed this activity.
Using white glue will make the ball opaque. To make a translucent ball, use clear school glue.
Adding extra glue will produce a slimier ball.

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Homemade Bouncy Balls