How to Lose Weight by Triggering Your Fat Burning Hormones

If you aim to lose weight, you have to take into consideration the process called “resetting of hormones”. These two things, fat and hormones, are in a direct relationship. Namely hormones have an important role in metabolism. That is why if you want to burn your excessive fat, pay attention to 3 main steps that will help you balance your hormones level in your body.

Detox Your Body
Detoxification of your body is the first step. This involves consumption of the right, healthy food. An imbalance of hormones is provoked by some types of food that irritate your digestive system. That is why it is advisable to take initially food with anti-inflammatory properties. This detoxes the body and prepares for the fat burning process.

Avoid Certain Kinds of Food
First of all, exclude from your diet the food that causes you allergy. High glycemic index food is also preferred to be avoided. From this category are the food products that have high quantity of carbohydrates and sugar, like baked goods, bread, soda, pasta, processed food. Instead, opt for low glycemic index food. Have as snacks different kind of low-sugar fruits, rich in lean protein, such as apples, pears, berries, grapefruits.

Perhaps, it’s something new for you, but not the fats significantly have impact on weight, but the carbs. For example, nuts (with the exception of those with probiotics), that are known to contain monounsaturated fats, have no effect on weight, being even associated with weight loss.

Eat Food with Medium Glycemic Index
The most recent and the most efficient and healthy diet focuses on balancing in meals the macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein). If you will consume twice more proteins and fats rather than carbohydrates, it will be just a plus for you. This thing makes your stomach feel full for longer periods of time. At the same time, this diet influences on hormones like cortisol, insulin and estrogen, keeping them at normal levels.

Besides the food and drinks you consume, your hormonal levels can be influenced by other factors such as exercise, stress, sleep, that is why they should not be left aside. Analyze them, too. Also, try to achieve the medium levels of these hormones naturally. Do not turn to synthetic treatments, they make you dependent on drugs and just mask the symptoms. There are too many side effects by using synthetic hormones and I am sure you do not want all these negative things affect your body!

Don’t let yourself be a victim of misinformation, by applying to your body diets that impose starving or hard to execute physical exercises. Just remember that everything you eat and drink counts!

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How to Lose Weight by Triggering Your Fat Burning Hormones