How to heal a burn fast


There are many old home remedies for burns, such as butter or lard to put on the damaged skin. But contrary to the methods, health professionals recommend the use of aloe vera or antibiotic ointment on a burn. Aloe vera can come directly from a houseplant or a pipe purchased at a pharmacy.

Cool the burn
For a minor burn, keep it under cold water or dip it in cold water for at least 5 minutes. Water will help reduce inflammation, as it sends the heat away from the skin. Do not put ice on a burn. Carefully clean the burn with a dry paper towel.

Apply gel
Apply cream or aloe vera gel on the burned skin area. This will also give you a refreshing feeling. If an aloe plant is close, cut a large sheet and cut along. Scrape the gel sheet and apply to the burn. Antibiotic cream is also good for burns, as it often contains aloe vera and can prevent infection. Do not put butter on a burn. Apply aloe cream or antibiotic.

Wrap the burn with a dry gauze or cover it with a bandage to protect the area and prevent infection. Do not use fluffy cotton, as it may be trapped in damaged skin. Cover protects the skin from sunburn blisters. Take a nonprescription pain reliever to relieve pain and swelling.

When to seek help
If the burn becomes infected or the pain grows and swells, get medical help. These home remedies are only safe for first-degree burns, where the outer layer of skin and second-degree burns damage only when the second layer of skin burns and blisters develop. These practices are safe for minor second degree burns to 3 inches (7.5 cm). Contact a doctor or go to hospital for serious burns.

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How to heal a burn fast