How To Have A Clean House For The Holidays

Winter holidays are approaching and you will have to wait for Santa with a clean house. Arm yourself, then, with time and patience because you have a job. But if you know how to get organized, you’ll see that this activity will be much easier and more efficient. There won’t be a chore. Here’s where to start general cleanliness!

Toss is throwing
Before you start cleaning itself, you will have to throw items that you no longer use, such as old clothes and shoes, papers, magazines, newspapers, folders, boxes occupying the space, bottles, bags and other containers. Clear your home in this way, and cleanliness that you do after will be more thorough and more efficient.
Reorganizes space!
You will want to decorate the Christmas tree and set the festive table and for that, you need space. If you can, try to reorganize the furniture,. Now is the time to release living room furniture that is not helpful at this time. Maybe you have too many seats, you may have a cupboard, a table, a chest of drawers or an armchair occupying space. Move them into other rooms.

Clean the carpets
In Carpet gathers dust mites, dust, bacteria and fabrics may be stained with fluids and foods you’ve accidentally spilled. The carpets are vacuumed well on one side and on the other, and then to restore their colors,  rub it with half a fresh cabbage. That, if you do not have to remove stubborn stains. To remove them, use products that you find in commerce, specifically designed for such operations. Do not think carpet cleaners are just a marketing technique. On the contrary! They are highly effective!
Wash curtains and drapery
Washing curtains is quite difficult because of their size. But now, you should date to put them in the washing machine. Use a shorter wash cycle; because these are not dirty, it’s just dust. Pay attention to water temperature! The fabric they are made of curtains can be damaged at high temperatures.
Cleans stove and oven
A rather unpleasant but necessary work before the winter holidays. Clean the oven and stove from oil stains, grease or burning, which gathered over time. For your work to be efficient, use powerful degreasing products. Remove everything that is inside and wash its inner walls. In addition, you’ll need an abrasive sponge, clean rags, towels, paper and obviously detergents to remove dirt. Do not forget tiles near the stove which are stained.
Wash windows
The cold from the outside, the rains, and the lack of time prevented you to wash the windows. Now, however, you do not escape. You need paper towels and glass cleaner in a spray bottle. You can buy a glass scraper with telescopic handle, accessorized with sponge and rubber blade. Careful! Carpentry and clean! Use a small vacuum cleaner, the car with which to vacuum dust and then wipe window frames with a damp cloth.
Disinfect bathroom
Tub, shower, sink and toilet should be cleaned so as to remove limescale stone, rust and other stains that have occurred over time. Then disinfect sanitary well. And do not forget that here you have vacuum and dust. For a great cleanliness use detergents both commercially and natural products: will help lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and salt pans.

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How To Have A Clean House For The Holidays