How to get rid of the fogged windows

During the foggy winter days, it seems that it’s almost impossible to clean your windows. When you spray the solution on the window, it simply gets frozen on the surface instantly, because of the too cold temperatures out there and there is nothing you can do about it. It is important to understand that your windows get frozen almost the entire cold season because winter comes with a lot of moisture. And when you leave moisture on your windows, when too cold temperatures arrive, it instantly gets frozen on the surface. It is obvious that you ask yourself if there is anything you can do about this issue, so, here’s the answer!

To prevent windows from fogging during the cold season, you have to do some simple thing – wipe them until it dries up with one of the following solutions:

1. The first solution is: 100 ml glycerin + 100 ml of water. Use a spray container and put in this solution. It will be much easier with the spray to clean your windows.

2. The second solution is: 100 ml alcohol + 100 ml of glycerine. Now it depends which of these elements you’ve got in your home. If not you can buy them from the store.