How to get rid of sink odors

It sometimes happens that your kitchen to be “flooded” with odors coming from the sink. It might be the drain pipe blocked with food scraps, or odors coming from the basement. Here’s what you have handy cheap solution to get rid of bad smells without having to call the plumber.

Hot water and detergent

Put a cork on sink drain and fill it with hot water. Add a few drops of dishwasher liquid detergent, water. Stir to dissolve the detergent and then uncork. The perfumed hot water will leak with speed and the unpleasant odor will be pushed from the pipe.
Lemon- for your sink

Squeeze a lemon and pour the fresh juice on the sink drain. Then finely grind the peel and put it in the sink. Let the hot water flow with speed until you get rid of odors, and the kitchen will get a fresh lemon scent.

Vinegar against odors

Mix 30 ml of vinegar with a bag of baking powder and add a liter of boiling water. Pour the solution gradually on the sink drain and the odors will disappear.

The simplest solution for choppers:

If you chopper household it begins to emanate odors, put ice cubes in it, small pieces of lemon and salt. When you start the installation, ice blades clean of debris and salt and lemon will remove heavy odors.

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How to get rid of sink odors