How To Fall Asleep In Under One Minute

A large number of people experience sleep disorders, most often due to stress. Lack of sleep is not something to be neglected, because it can affect you on all plans and can even lead to depression. People who have sleep disorders can manifest chaotic, violent and may take wrong decisions on work. Also, those who sleep with one or two hours less than the time required for body recovery are more prone to various infections, diabetes or heart disease. That’s why we will show you a breathing technique that will make you fall asleep in less than 60 seconds.

If you cannot sleep, breathe through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and let the air out through your mouth for eight seconds. According to researchers this exercise has a similar effect as brain chemicals, slowing heartbeat and helping you to sleep. It is advisable that you put your phone and other electronic devices far away from you, to not distract you.

How this trick works

Researchers say people that people who are stressed or anxious do not breath properly. When you inhale for four seconds, you struggle to inhale more oxygen. When you hold your breath for seven seconds and then exhale for eight seconds you eliminate all carbon dioxide from the lungs. More oxygen in the body gives you the feeling of slight dizziness and has a sedative effect. In these conditions, heart, brain and your body can finally relax.

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How To Fall Asleep In Under One Minute