How to Clean Wax off Jewelry


Have you ever had the misfortune of dropping a ring or some other piece of jewelry in *GASP* wax? I never actually dropped any of my jewelry in wax (though I have a fear of it with all the beauty recipes I make with wax {can we call them craftcipes?}), but I have had my fair share of rings that got wax on them while I was trying to fish them out of the candle! I tried some things to get the wax off that you probably shouldn’t ever try, but there is one thing that works and is safe. Please read all the way through before proceeding.

A little forewarning: make sure that there isn’t glue that’s been used to create your jewelry piece or you may be walking away as a very sad “broken piece of jewelry owner”, in other words make sure your jewelry is water safe.

How to Clean Wax off Jewelry

  • Candle warmer
  • Styrofoam cup
  • Heatproof glass or clean votive holder
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Your messy waxy piece of jewelry

How to Clean Wax off JewelryPut just enough water in a glass to cover the ring, set the glass on candle warmer and turn on the candle warmer. Allow it heat up until you start seeing waxy residue float to the top of the water. If you pay close attention you will see it come off of the jewelry piece. When you don’t see a lot of movement from below the surface use the bamboo skewer to remove the ring. Once the water has cooled pour the water into a disposable cup. You may need to do this a few times always using fresh clean water. Being that this is an electronic be safe using it with water.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE pour the water down the drain! It might only be a small amount of wax in the water, but that will add up and and you will be calling a plumber in the near future!

I’ve tried this with my rings and some of my sterling silver rings with success (I dropped some of my silver rings in melted wax just for you) but for fine or artisan jewelry I would leave it up to a professional.

Just remember that results may vary and you should always proceed with caution, if you have any sort of concerns or it’s a piece you absolutely cannot stand the thought of living without, then take it to a professional.

Being a crafty girl, I’m bound to spill wax on some of my jewelry and now I have a way to clean it!

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How to Clean Wax off Jewelry