How to Clean Carpet

Having your carpets clean all the time is important because of numerous reasons but the two most essential ones are the following: from one hand, clean carpets are vital for the health of your entire family and from the other hand carpets that are maintained clean can totally change the appearance of your entire home. Respiratory problems will not delay to show up especially if dirt and allergens are left on your carpets for a long period of time. Depending on the nature of the mess that stays on your carpets, there are various ways to clean them. Follow the below cleaning tips and maintain your carpets clean all the time!

If you have carpet and have been stained or have any spots that have not seen, today I leave you with some good advice.

Try to get these items: a vacuum cleaner, broom, vinegar, baking soda and mild dish detergent.

After removing the furniture, the carpet sweeps clean, with this you separate the dust and lint fiber. Then vacuuming on high to remove all dust.

To remove stains the best you can be, the key is to remove as soon as they occur, before they dry.
An effective recipe with good results is to prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar in equal parts, is placed in a spray bottle and is applied directly to the stain, being careful not to soak it too much as excess moisture deteriorates the glue and fungi causes.

Then brush the stain with a soft brush. Used a towel to dry and give pat, not rub.

For tough stains like wine, you can use pure soda. Other stains are removed with dish washing detergent diluted with water, using a brush. In this case, you have to pass water at the end to remove soap scum.

Based pat dry with a towel and then you can help with a fan and open windows. Let it dry and then put back the furniture.

To remove odors, you can sprinkle dry baking soda, then let it sit for two or three hours and vacuum.

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