How Sparkling Water Helps for Cleaning Purposes

Everybody knows that sparkling water makes puffy pancakes and attractive cocktails, but it may have other fantastic benefits in the kitchen as well. Here are several uses of sparkling water that will help you too.

  • Sparkling water can clean fat deposits and dust from dishes made of glass or stainless steel. If you are not willing to use chemical solutions or detergents to clean your crystal glasses or eating utensils made of silver, let them to soften for half of hour in a dish filled with sparkling water and then polish them with a clean wipe.
  • Pans and trays in which you baked the meat and in which a thick layer of fats has deposited can be better cleaned with sparkling water. Pour sparkling water in the pan and let it act for 15 minutes, throw away the dirty water and then wash off the remaining fat deposits with the dish detergent that you usually use for washing your dishes. You will see that your pan gets cleaned a lot easier!
  • sparkling water helps you to clean, without the need of rubbing, your windows and the windscreen of your car as well that are loaded with dirt and manure. It is good to shake the bottle of sparkling water and to pour over the affected and dirty areas a little bit of water, until the dirt gets softened very well and it will be possible to eliminate without any necessary efforts.
  • If you stained with food or with fat your thick pullovers that you wear during the cold winter days, pour sparkling water over the stains and rub them gently with a soft sponge or brush. If it is not about a too difficult stain, sparkling water will definitely help you to get rid of it in no time.
  • Place your jewels with precious stones for softening in a glass filled with sparkling water and the acid present in this type of water will efficiently wash off deposits that can be found on very difficult zones of your jewels – it is most likely that you wouldn’t be able to eliminate these deposits with a sponge or a brush, if you don’t place them in sparkling water before anything else. Finally, when you left your jewels in the glass filled with sparkling water, you can polish them with suede and they will look just like they were brand new jewels.
  • Rinse your hair with sparkling water after you get out of the swimming pool, in order to eliminate chlorine and to help your hair to gather a natural glow.
  • Sprinkle over the plants in your apartment sparkling water from time to time, in order to invigorate and feed them.

Did you ever think of the fact that sparkling water could be used for so many great things? You definitely new about the opportunity to prepare delicious beverages and puffy pancakes with sparkling water, but you surely didn’t know that except drinking, it can be used for a lot of other things as well in everyday life!

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How Sparkling Water Helps for Cleaning Purposes