How can you organize your Hair Tools


How can you organize your Hair Tools

When it comes to my least favorite room in the house (which is the bathroom), I just don’t care how ugly and unorganized it looks but after seeing this amazing DIY idea, I figured I could do this myself. I don’t think I need a man’s work on this job unless I make a major hole in the wall. I’m going to test this tutorial myself and let you know handy I was with my attempt. I also think that this idea is a perfect way to get organized. So I must at least give it a try. So do you!

 You’ll need:

– a board (plastic or wood)
– a package of aluminum step flashing
– scissors
– little pipes holders
– duct tape


– After screwing in the holder check the placement of your tool before moving on to the next to be sure you have enough space between.
– The upholstery tacks scratch the metal easily so be careful.
– If you have a surge protector just under the vanity this is over to have them all plugged into at once.
– You can just turn it on and leave it in the holder.
– That metal works great at keeping the heat from burning down the house!


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This is an idea much greater compared to the one that I used . Me for example , I use pvc elbow , one like this :

How can you organize your Hair Tools


You will find more details on NellieBellie`s website  or by hitting the source botton .