Household items dirtier that a toilet seat

No need to make an obsession for cleanliness, nor to be very scared of dirt existence, so that you realize that while you take care of your home, there are many things that you do not always clean and become a magnet for bacteria.

The lighting objects surface
Have you ever thought that the top of the chandelier, inside or behind your lamp can accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria.  Well, this happens not because they have any particular magnet, but because, statistically, most often we forget that and they should be cleaned. Of course the switches that are touched countless times are also a source of dirt, and also our hands are carriers of the bacteria.

Kitchen sponges
We use the kitchen sponge to wash dishes. But it also must be washed and replaced increasingly often. Maintaining a moist environment that facilitates the growth of bacteria and we can get in touch extremely easy.

Appliances must also be cleaned with the rest of the house. Because dust deposits can be a source of allergies and we all know how much dust can attract the TV, laptop or other objects.

Carpet and floor
The carpet is a real dirt “swallower” and if is not cleaned effectively, can become a hotbed of bacteria. So most times is not enough just to vacuum the surface, it also needs brushing and cleaning using shampoo. The good part is that we should not necessarily go to the dry cleaners for this, because there modern vacuums cleaners solve this problem.

Bathroom objects
Although you might think that the bathroom can be one of the cleanest places in the house, and if you’re at it, you’re wrong. Toothbrush, for example, can attract thousands of bacteria by his mere presence too close to the toilet. So if you want to keep your care items safe from bacteria care, position them far away from the toilet.

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Household items dirtier that a toilet seat