Household chores for children


Until he goes to school, your child will be able to carry out a more complex set of responsibilities than he did when he was a preschool. These new responsibilities will teach him some valuable lessons: that helping others is just as important as being helped yourself that sometimes in life you have to do things that are not always pleasant, it belongs to a group or a community It implies responsibilities.

Although sense of responsibility will allow him to fulfill several tasks on their own, do not expect to work independently all the time because you still need your help and supervision from time to time. Enjoy this, things made with a parent develops special closeness between the adult and the child.

Children 7-10 years should be able to take care of their own things, collect and arrange after them. Depending on their age, physical strength and maturity, can be given chores such as:
Р taking increasing responsibilities the pet Рdog walking, cleaning cat litter etc .;
– sorting and packing their clothes after being washed and dried;
– help in planning meals, washing dishes;
– weeding, planting and watering the garden;
Рsetting and  cleaning the table;
– dusting and vacuuming;
– made his own bed
Turn obligation into fun
The way you approach housework is the key with which you can convince children to accept responsibility naturally as part of life. If you and your partner constantly complain of difficulties at home, there’s no doubt that children will have the same approach. If, in addition, you adopt a critical tone, it is almost sure to develop a negative attitude opposite the responsibilities of the household.
You can occasionally give them some tasks children to make them happy, to combine business with pleasure less fun. Besides working side by side from time to time with the child, encourage your relatives to do the same when they are around. Listen to music, organize competitions to see who ends soon or plan a sweet snack for when you finish a task. It does not have to turn a chore into a fun every time – simply is not realistic – but if you maintain a high level of good humor and a positive attitude opposite housework, children will be more open to help you.

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Household chores for children