House cleaning rules that must be followed

If you want to clean your house properly you should know that there are some unwritten rules of cleaning.  You should follow them in order to be satisfied of your work. Here they are:


Unless you live with animals or with people who have allergies, dust should be cleaned out at least once a week. Always remove dust starting with the top of the room, using an electrostatic cloth because it retains dirt. Put an old cloth at the end of a mop to reach the corners with difficult access. Several times a year, wipe the dust and the high shelves or on lampposts. (If you have shade fabric lamps, place them in the shower and then let them dry out before putting them back on.) Set your point and go through the whole room in a circle, not to miss any place.

Take another clean cloth and go through all the room in a circle, wiping dusting everything on the height and down to the knees (dust from television, from furniture, window sills). Now go again in a circle wiping the dust off all the things that are at a height below your knee (plinth). Complete with a fast vacuum. The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes.


If you vacuum once a week your will prevent bacteria harboring under your carpet. Put mats at the front door to retain dirt and insist on your family members to remove their shoes when enter the house. It’s an effort that keeps hygiene.

The kitchen

Keep some antibacterial wipes in the kitchen.  You can clean the stove every few days; wipe the outside of the refrigerator and cabinet doors every month, and countertop and sink every day (should not take more than 5 minutes). Invest in a good mop to clean spills or dirt off the floor. Now all you have to do is to clean your kitchen completely once every two weeks.


Keep all the wipes, cloths for dusting and sprays in a basket and care them with you from room to room as you clean – so you don’t have to seek them all over the house! Try to listen to your favorite when you clean and even dancing when vacuuming or dusting – are good exercises and time will pass faster.


According to experts, a washing six months is enough (preferably spring and autumn). Check the label first, because chances that duvet can be washed in the washing machine are great (if not, you have to follow instructions on the label). And if it doesn’t fit in the washing machine, take it to a professional laundry.


First, only buy pillows that can be washed in the washing machine and do this every six months. Be sure they are dry well when you want to use them, or you can dry with a radiator to be sure that completely dry to avoid mildew. Or you can buy cheaper pillows that you can throw every six months (but this is not an ecological solution!)


If they get dirty quickly, they you need to clean them every month. You can use only water and dishwashing liquid for cleaning. Start from the top and finally wipe with a dry cloth or old newspaper.

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House Cleaning Rules That Must Be Followed