Homemade Foot Pads To Eliminate Harmful Toxins from the Body Overnight

Regular detoxification of the body is crucial for your overall heath. First of all, detoxification is good for the body because it helps to cleanse the internal organs that may become overloaded from time to time, but it is also beneficial for eliminating unnecessary toxins from the body. It is important to do the whole detoxification process safely and correctly, when you decide to give it a try.

One of the most popular methods for detoxifying the body is possible to realize by using foot pads.

Detoxifying foods pads have been used for the first time in Japan. These are sticky pads that need to be placed on the bottom of your feet before going to sleep. When you wake up in the morning and remove the food pads from your feet, you will notice that they are now dark, meaning that toxins have been eliminated from your body during the night.

Food pads are worn on the bottom of the feet because they help to improve lymph and blood circulation in the torso. Blood circulation is unfortunately slower down in the feet, lower legs and ankle, because of our inactive lifestyles.

Wearing foot pads results in positive effects, such as fewer headaches, reduced joint pain and less fatigue. You can choose between foot pads available for sale and ready for using, or you can prepare your own homemade items.

Steps to prepare your own detoxifying foot pads at home

If you choose to prepare your homemade foot pads, here are the ingredients that you will need: onion, garlic, water, self-stick gauze pads and a pair of socks.

In order to prepare your desired detoxifying foot pads, the first thing to do is slice the onion and garlic, and then put them aside. Put water in a kettle and leave it for boiling. Once the water is boiling, you put the sliced garlic and onion in it. Let the water boil with the garlic and onion in it for 10 more minutes.

Once done, leave the water to cool down for approximately 20 minutes. You need to pour the mixture on the center of the self-stick gauze pads, until these become wet enough. If it happens to pour excessive mixture and the pads get too wet, you will immediately squeeze out the excessive liquid. The sticky part of the pads should remain dry, if possible; therefore try to avoid pouring the mixture on that area of the pads.

How to use your homemade detoxifying foot pads?

Once your foot pads are ready, you will place them on the bottom of your feet, by trying to focus on the center of your feet. In order to keep the pads well-sticked to your feet and avoid their falling down overnight, wear a pair of socks as well for the detoxifying night. In the morning when you wake up and take your foot pads down, you will wash your socks and throw the used pads away (we never use foot pads for detoxifying purposes twice or more!).

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