Home Methods to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is an ordinary disorder which affects almost everyone at least once in its life. The reasons of its appearance are numerous, starting with incorrect posture, excessive weight, sedentary job, muscle pulls and many other. A common back pain can be removed with some easy to do home remedies and relaxation. Here are some tips how to get rid of back pain in a natural way.

Do Not Lie for a Long Period of Time
In case of backache, it is advisable to lie down just for short periods of time, with some cushions under knees. Rest just on your back, and not with your face down, because it creates an additional pressure on your back. It is better to walk to cure back pain. Still, it would be perfect to combine moving around and lie-downs, even if it is troublesome. This process intensifies blood circulation and accelerates recovery.

Ice for Muscle Ache
If you suffered a muscle pull during your physical exercises, then apply some ice right away. Take some ice, wrap it in a towel of natural fabric and put on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. For a better result repeat the procedure every one hour.

Heat Treatment
Cold helps to reduce swelling, while warmth relieves pain. Take a bottle of hot water and place it under your back. As an alternative, take a hot shower or bath.

Change Mattress
If you have a chronic back ache, then it is time to think seriously about changing your mattress. As a rule, the mattress should be changed once every 5-8 years. Knowing that they are expensive, take care to choose one of good quality, which will not create problems to your back.

Take a nap
Sleep is known to be an appropriate cure for many kinds of pain. Backache takes part from this category as well. While you rest, your muscles recover, thing which prevents back pains.

Back rub or massage can be a pleasant and efficient process to escape back pain. What can be better than a relaxing massage made by your spouse? Also, a relaxing back massage during your working hours in office is a great way to get rid of tension in neck and back.

Try Practicing Yoga
Relaxation helps a lot in backache. If you are often stressed out, emotionally unbalanced and often feel tired, try to practice yoga for mental equilibrium and body recreation.

Have an adequate sitting posture
Jobs which involve working at computer may cause a lot of troubles for your back. Be sure that you sit in a correct position at your desk. Use cushions while sitting at computer, or even while driving your car. Practice a set of exercises meant specifically to persons who spend most of time sitting. Also, you can practice swimming, or at least just leave some free time in your agenda for walking.

Maintain a Correct Posture while Walking
This thing is not less important than sitting in a proper manner. Always walk tall, with your back straight and without hunching your shoulders.

Lift Things Correctly
While lifting something, we should not bend our back. It creates additional pressure on it. Instead, bend knees, trying to maintain the back straight. Also, while carrying a heavy thing, keep it close to your body. However, if you have chronic backache, avoid to lift or carry heavy things, better ask for help.

Control Your Weight
Overweight persons often have back pains, because their excess weight presses over the back muscles and knees. Combine some physical exercises with a diet full of fruits and vegetables, especially that containing much vitamin C. It helps to strengthen back muscles and prevent backache.

In case your back pain bothers you continuously for a longer period of time, take some offensive painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

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