Hidden fantasy of over 53% of women. See if you are part of them

Women’s Health and Men’s Health realized a survey to find out why there are so many troubles and betrayals in couples nowadays. After the study, the journalists discovered the spicy fantasies of women.
According to this study, 53% of women have the same fantasy, which they keep secret. It seems that they think how it will be if they divorce. On the opposite side are men. 44% of them, who participated at this survey, said that they didn’t think about divorce.

And these results are in a perfect accordance with a study realized at Stanford University, which shows that 69% of divorces in the United States are initiated by women.

“These numbers don’t demonstrate that men are happier in marriage, but suggest that women are more willing to do something if they are unhappy”, says expert in relationship Laura Doyle.

It was shown that women constantly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of their relationship to see if their emotional involvement is rewarded. On the other hand, men succeed to put aside the problems that displease them in relationship and the issue that causes them emotional distress in couple doesn’t determine them to put an end on the relationship.

“Men are trying repeatedly to make their partners happy, even if they fail”, explains the expert in relationships. Instead, women are disposed to leave the relationship if they aren’t satisfied with their life in couple.

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Hidden fantasy of over 53% of women. See if you are part of them