Health tricks that you can do with your body

Did you know that there are some great health tricks which can be easily performed on your body? If you never heard of the top 10 health tricks, become familiar with them right now because they are some basic and simple tips that most of the people never do, when they are dealing with specific health issues, such as headache, toothache, nose bleeding and other minor problems.

  1. Stay underwater for a longer period of time

Your need of breathing will be urged, after staying longer underwater. If you practice hyperventilating right before you dive, you can delay this urge. Practice this technique and see that you will be able to stay underwater approximately 10 more seconds. Take several short and quick breaths before you dive and then jump into the water. With hyperventilation, you can make your brain understand that it can resist longer without oxygen underwater.

  1. Slow down your heart rate

The secret of regulating your heart rate consists of influencing the vagus nerve. This is the nerve that regulates your heart rate, so this is everything that you have to do, when you want to get your heart rate back to normal. Breathing is the key when it comes to controlling your vagus nerve. If you want to release anxiety as well as stimulate that nerve, all you have to do is to strongly exhale against one closed airway. Do this, by pinching your nose, keeping your mouth closed and trying to breathe. Pressure will be thus increased in your chest cavity as well as the vagus nerve stimulated.

  1. Stop your nose bleeding

Stopping nose bleeding involves a technique that could be a new method for some of you out there. The method is based on the fact that most of the nose bleedings come from the front of the septum and this is the cartilage wall that divides your nose. When you want to stop bleeding, you will have to press against your upper gums hard, and you can also involve the use of gauze or cotton for this purpose.

  1. Prevent acid reflux by practicing proper sleeping positions

Research shows that if you sleep on your left side, it is less likely that you’ll encounter acid reflux. This phenomenon is strongly linked to your internal organs. Your stomach and esophagus get connected at a certain angle and your sleeping position establishes which of them is higher. Your stomach is higher, when you sleep on your right side and this is how the acid enters your esophagus a lot easier. However, when you sleep in your left side, the pose is reversed. Your stomach thus lies lower and acid would have to do a long road to arrive to your upper organs and digestive tract.

  1. Clean out your stuffed nose immediately

When it comes to clean your stuffed nose instantly, you will only have to perform two proper movements. First, place your tongue against the roof of your mouth and then press with one finger between your eyebrows. Do alternation between these two movements. In the next 25 seconds, you should immediately notice some relief.

  1. Delay your urge to urinate

Some people feel that they suddenly have to urinate, but this urge can be delayed easily. In this situation, you only have to distract the attention of your brain from the need of urinating to something else. Doctors recommend that you think of something that turns you on because these are things that totally attract your brain’s attention. Thus, you will leisurely reach the first toilet without any urge, embarrassment and running.

  1. Pain when jogging

A lot of people complain about pain that they feel on their right side while jogging. This pain comes from your liver. The pain takes place because of certain movements that you perform alternated with exhaling when your right foot reaches the floor. At this moment pressure is put on your liver and pain shows up instantly. In this case, you will only have to do one step forward with your left foot, while exhaling.

  1. Improve your memory for long-term

Memory consolidation means that your memory moves short-term information to long-term ones. This process is most commonly taking place while sleeping. If the next day you have an important presentation or exam, re-read your material just before going to sleep and see what happens the next morning.

  1. Painless injections

Pain from injections is thanks to the needle. However, if you cough when you get the injection, pain will be reduced. Taras Usichenko is a scientist who performed a study on this phenomenon and he shows that coughing while getting an injection reduces pain because a certain pressure is formed in the spinal canal and the chest for some time and this inhibits the structures that conduct pain in the spinal cord.

  1. Treating toothache and headache

Whenever you encounter toothache or headache, your task is simple: all you have to do is to rub some ice on the V-shape that is formed between your index and thumb fingers, on the back of your hand. This method will reduce toothache with 50 times which is unlikely to happen in people who aren’t involving ice for relieving this terrible pain. In addition, when the nerves in the V-shape area between your two mentioned fingers get in contact with ice, they instantly block pain signals in your brain, so headache is revealed!

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Health tricks that you can do with your body