What happens if you rub this body area for 30 seconds

Did you know that it is possible that with a simple technique to immediately unblock energy flow of your body? Thymus, this tiny endocrine gland was named after the Greek word “thyme” which can be translated as “life energy”. In the next lines we will share a simple method of stimulating this gland.

Thymus, also called the “happiness gland” is the central organ of the immune system. It is located behind the sternum and serves to diminish the negative energies and strengthen the immune system.

But how can we grasp or even benefit from its functions?
At the base of the neck, just above the sternum, there is an indentation that not many people consider it seriously. There is where the thymus is located, the so-called “organ of happiness.” It is developed especially to children, reducing its size in time, and turning into body fat.

Despite this gland development stops soon after puberty stage, it continues to be active and work directly with the immune system. This gland grows when we are happy and decreases in size when we are stressed. Love and hate are two of the emotions that can affect this gland and negative thoughts and words can also affect it as a viral infection reducing its ability to fight against threats of the immune system.
During periods of stress, thymus reduces its size and its functions also. It conserves energy, and by simply stimulating it for 20-30 seconds we can enhance the vibration energy. For a quick energy burst is recommended tapping with your fingertips this area for 20 seconds, during which you take a deep breath.
Thus, when we feel stressed or powerless we can relax by simply massaging the thymus gland.

We thus can feel tingling in the body and a conscious state of positivity. This may not possible happen immediately, but through a daily exercise you can make the positivity state to install almost instantly.

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