Guaranteed way to quit smoking! Costs 1 dollar and works for 9 of 10 smokers

If you really want to quit smoking you should try this effective and handy method. Millions of smokers have turned to it and were satisfied with the result.
Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of 250 ml water and then mix until is completely dissolved.

Every time you feel the urge to smoke rinse your mouth with this mixture and then swallow it. When you’re not home, you can take this mixture in a bottle with you and so you can use it anywhere and anytime you want to smoke.
After the first use, the urge to light a cigarette will be greatly diminished, and in a few days will disappear altogether.

Because of its amazing properties, baking soda acts as an inhibitor of smoking desire helping the body to eliminate the accumulation of harmful substances that were seized during the entire period when you have smoked.Guaranteed way to quit smoking