A glass of this natural juice refreshes your liver

Nowadays healthy food is increasingly rare. Most people eat foods with low nutrient content, but full of harmful additives. Even fruits and vegetables in the supermarket contain pesticides, except greens.

If consumed for longer period such foods, damage the most important organ – the liver, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body,  and it will be seriously affected.

Healthy diet and lifestyle are two of the most important things for your liver function. But today, we complain about the lack of time and make unhealthy habits such as frequent consumption of fats and unhealthy foods that fill our body of toxins. We need to protect liver’s health and make it work efficiently, and we have to take seriously the detoxification process. The liver needs frequent detoxification because it is responsible for the absorption of proteins. It is good to know that many liver diseases may go unnoticed for a while until they worsen and become harder to treat. If you regularly cleanse your liver, you lower the risk of illness.

Here is a drink that will help detoxify your liver. It takes a while before you realize liver diseases, so you have to constantly clean and eat healthy. The improper liver functioning leads to serious health problems. Liver cleansing is a simple process and you can do it with this drink that is completely natural.

Needed ingredients:
– Lemon juice
– Orange juice
– A bunch of fresh mint
– 1 liter of pure water
– organic honey

Boil the water. Add the mint leaves and boil them 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool a few minutes. Add orange juice and lemon zest and then add the honey. Drink it hot or cold. It will cleanse the liver and is very good for the digestive system. Try it and let us know the result!

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A glass of this natural juice refreshes your liver