How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball


Muscle pain has no chance against a good game …of tennis. Or, more precisely, a massage with a tennis ball. Using these exercises for myofascial release (according, myofascial pain syndrome, also known as chronic myofascial pain is a condition characterized by chronic pain caused by multiple painful trigger points and fascial constrictions), you’ll stimulate blood circulation and improve pain in strained muscles.

And in the end you will feel relaxed and your muscles will thank you. Myofascial release using a tennis balls helps to relax muscles, fascial adhesions break, allowing subsequent stretching of the muscle, experts say.

But do not expect the process to be a painless one. When you put your muscles in front of a tennis ball, you better isolate those sores, which in another situation you cannot aim. This gives you a painful feeling but pleasant, which can become quite intense when using tennis balls.
To make the process easier, make sure you aim for soft muscle tissue – not bones and joints. If you find a spot that hurts, move the tennis ball gently, allow your body to fold gently to roll back and forth on the area where is in contact with the ball to allow muscles to relax, to defuse and to understand the power of gravity: the more you use your body weight, the deeper you penetrate into muscle and the more it will hurt. Raise your body gently on key areas and stay away from the ball during moments of intense exercise.
1. Neck
If you are prone to headaches that feel like a voltage or if you see that your neck is tensed after a long day at the computer, give yourself a few minutes to relieve tension and pain in the neck muscles with a tennis ball .
Simply lie on the floor and put a tennis ball under your neck, slightly to the right of the spine and just below the skull. “Dive” in the tennis ball and move your head slightly to the right and to the left, avoiding bone areas.
2. Shoulders
You cannot always noticed sores around your shoulders, on the upper back. But chances are pretty high to have tense points. Start by massaging manually on the underarm area behind your shoulder and along the scapula. When you find areas taut and tense, lie on your back on the tennis ball and let gravity do its work, moving the tennis ball as you feel the need to target other areas.
3. Buttocks
These are some of the strongest muscles in the body. They are responsible for almost all the movements your thigh makes. Even if you do not feel pain, you’ll certainly find taut and tense, areas but you can use the tennis ball to defuse them. Start by standing with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Put a tennis ball under the butt right then get up easily, putting your hands behind your back for support. Move the ball slightly until you find a tense spot, then maintain your position.
4. Feet
If you are an avid runner, you’ll want to do this exercise. Put a tennis ball under your foot, along the “fleshy” area, not under the heel. Put one hand on a wall or on a chair to support you. Just relax and let all your weight on the tennis ball, running it gently from back to front and from side to side.

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How to get rid of sore muscles using a tennis ball


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