Get rid of the tartar from teeth ALONE at home! It is simple!


Everybody wants a perfect denture and smile like that of the Hollywood starts! Well, it is possible! With an appropriate oral hygiene and more attention paid to this aspect, you will attract all gazes. First step: get rid of the tartar! How? It is simple! Tartar is the chalky, hard substance which doctors usually call calculus. This is a product of minerals found in our saliva and plaque.

The plaque accumulates and, if it is not removed in 24 to 36 hours through brushing, it hardens and forms tartar. It irritates the gums and can cause periodontal disease

Tartar can lead including to loss of dental root. But it is in the worst case. The tartar in your mouth, if not removed causes, first of all, gingivitis. If this condition is not treated, it progresses into a more serious form of disease, called periodontitis. This disorder can damage the bone and the tissue which holds the tooth in place. Well, this can lead, at the end, to tooth loss. So, don’t play games with tartar!

And, by the way, you cannot remove it definitively, because it is also formed under the saliva influence. Of course, tartar-control toothpastes can reduce tartar for about 50 percent, but most of harmful effects of tartar occur below the gum line, that is hard to reach by brushing. In these places the tartar can be removed just by a dentist.

However, there are several kinds of food that can help you retain tartar formation. Strawberries are on the first place, followed by the other wild berries. They contain substances which neutralize the tartar. As well they have the strongest anti-inflammatory agents known in nature and offer gingival protection. Out of season, consume forest berries in a frozen form or preserved in honey.

Green tea and red wine contain substances that reduce the formation of plaque and producing of acids which dissolve tooth enamel.

Avoid sugary or starchy food. The bacteria in our mouth, in contact with these kinds of food, release damaging acids. Smoking also contributes to the formation of tartar.

The best treatment of tartar is its prevention.

It is very important not to neglect the oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice per day, in an angle of 45 degrees and with at least 8 moves per each tooth! These moves eliminate the bacteria plaque which will stick to tartar. It is recommended to use a small brush with soft bristles, because it can reach better all areas of your oral cavity. You can also use an electronic brush for this purpose. It was demonstrated that they are more effective in plaque removal.

If you still do not use it, then it is time to make a tradition from it – use dental floss! Use it every day to remove plaque between teeth.

For healthy gums and teeth keep them clean of plaque and calculus and visit your dentist every six months for a full check and cleaning.

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Get rid of the tartar from teeth ALONE at home! It is simple!