Get rid of bunions naturally, with home remedies

A bunion is an unnatural, bony hump that forms at the base of the big toe where it attaches to the foot. Often, the big toe deviates toward the other toes. When this occurs, the base of the big toe pushes outward on the first metatarsal bone – which is the bone directly behind the big toe – forming a bunion. If this happens on the little toe and fifth metatarsal, it’s called a bunionette.

Because a bunion occurs at a joint, where the toe bends in normal walking, your entire body weight rests on the bunion at each step. Bunions can be extremely painful. They’re also vulnerable to excess pressure and friction from shoes and can lead to the development of calluses.
If you have this problem, here you will find some well known and efficient, homemade recipes which will solve this problem of yours.

1. Lavender oil
This is a really well known remedy used for getting rid of the bunions, this treatments is efficient because the lavender oil has many proprieties which can help to relieve the pain cause by bunions and also the inflammation of the affected area. Just massage these area with some lavender oil.

2. Epsom salts
This one is also a method used for relieving the pain and the inflammations of the bunions, which you can also use by making some salt foot baths.

3. Rude
Rude has multiple efficient benefits in reducing the pain and inflammations of rheumatic arthritis and arthrosis. In order to reduce the pain cause by bunions, you can make a bath in warm water and a little bit of rue. This will prepare a sort of infusion if you leave the feet there for about 15 minutes.

4. Lodine and aspirin treatment
This mixture between lodine and an aspirin is very popular and efficient for this kind of problems like bunions. This will stop their growth and will also reduce the pain.

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Get rid of bunions naturally, with home remedies