Get rid of belly fat in 30 days with 4 exercises

If in the present moment you believe that obtaining a flat abdomen is a long-lasting plan or it is even impossible to achieve, it is a must to disagree with your misperception. Not only that you can opt for a diet that can help you with this, but you don`t even need more than one month to achieve spectacular results. You don`t have to lie to yourself, but this is not an easy task.

For 30 days, you will have to say goodbye to laziness and excuses and you will have to work hard. The main ingredient of losing weight is strong will, so activate yours and work for what you wish to obtain!

Here is a proposal for you: a series of exercises for the abdomen that you progressively perform for one month, in order to get rid of your belly and to be proud of your new look in a short period of time.

Exercises for perfect abdomen in 30 days

For 30 days, with several days of break between training sessions, you will have to perform 4 types of exercises: classical abdomens, crunch-type of abdomens, lifting up your legs and the board position. These are very simple, but they work on every muscle of your abdomen and they inclusively help to get rid of inferior belly fat that seems to be the most stubborn one.

Here is how you have to do each exercise, and then it further depends on you to respect your proposed schedule.

  1. Classical abdomens: lie on your back, unite your hands at your neck and get up until you have an angle of 90 degrees. It doesn`t matter how simple this basic exercise seems to be, you need to take into consideration a very important aspect: don`t get up by using the superior part of your body and never force your neck when doing this exercise. The idea is to get up by using your abdominal muscles. If you initially can`t stay with your legs extended on the floor, keep them slightly bent. You will see that over time you`ll gather more force and you will not have to afflict yourself with ridiculous classical abdomens. This exercise especially works on the superior part of your abdomen.
  1. Crunch-type abdomens: lie down on the floor, with bent knees and the sole of your feet fixed on the floor. With your hands behind your neck, lift your trunk up a little bit, so your blades would not touch the floor anymore. This is the basic position and from here, you only have to lift your body up a little more, and then return back, paying attention that your blades would not touch the floor. This type of abdomen works on the entire abdominal muscles.
  1. Lifting up your legs: lie on your back, with your legs extended and hands at your neck. Lift your trunk up a little bit, exactly like at the above exercises (your blades should not touch the floor). From this position, lift up one of your legs to an angle of 90 degrees and being careful to keep it as extended as possible. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your leg up. When you are done with the number of exercises with one leg, repeat it with the other one as well. This exercise intensively works on your inferior abdomen, the most problematic area in women.
  1. The board position: even if it seems to be initially easy, this exercise will be very difficult at the beginning. Lie on the floor, leaning on your forearms, with your legs outstretched and supporting on your fingertips. Your back needs to be straight, and your head in a neutral position (meaning that without lifting it or letting it down), so that your colon would not be bent. In order to maintain this position, you will have to intensively use your abdominal muscles.
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