Get rid of a cold overnight with black radish syrup

There is a recipe that consists of a remedy involving honey and black radish. This recipe is considered to be a powerful home remedy against all diseases that are specific for the cold season. By the way, it is popular in Russia and this is exactly the country from where this home remedy actually originates. Try this recipe to amaze yourself for its powerful effects! A very interesting fact to keep in mind is that a Russian orthodox monk is someone who keeps talking about this recipe and according to him, this home remedy is able to treat flu, cough and cold and you can heal from these specific winter diseases overnight. This is something that will sound hard to believe by the majority of this article’s readers.

However, people who already tried this home remedy know why they still believe in it. Their feedback has been full of amazement and thankfulness, admitting that this beverage actually worked very rapidly.

One of the traditional herbal remedies popular among Eastern people is actually the combination of radish syrup with honey. It is considered that this herbal remedy has numerous health benefits and effects on the body: from one hand, horse and cough can be efficiently treated with it and from the other hand it has the ability of preventing colds and influenza.

According to Wikipedia black radish or Rapfanus is “a kind of radish used from ancient times in herbal medicine, healing powers assigning digestive diseases, gall cold. It contains carbohydrates, essential oils, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins B and C, flavonoids, isothiocyanates, enzyme inhibitors. It is a powerful energizer, it removes toxins from the body and it regenerates the liver”.

There are only two ingredients that you will need for preparing this fantastic syrup: 2 or 3 tablespoons of honey and one whole black radish.

How to prepare the syrup?

We already mentioned above the two ingredients that you will need for successfully preparing this powerful syrup. You can even opt for natural lime honey if you want a more powerful effect. Lime honey is well-known for its ability of efficiently treating sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, clogged sinuses, insomnia and many other health conditions.

You don’t have to peel the radish; you will only need to rinse it well with water and then wipe it with a clean towel. Cut down its leaves and with a knife remove the core inside it, but make sure that you leave a little bit of remaining content in the radish. Once done, pour the honey inside the radish and then close the radish with its cover that you cut down earlier. Leave the mixture to stay like that overnight and the syrup gets formed by the next morning from the juice of the radish and the sugar contained in honey.

Whenever you deal with upsetting hoarse or cough, take in 1 or 2 tablespoons of this syrup and see the results. This black radish syrup is indeed natural as well as easy to prepare. You will take in the above indicated black radish syrup dose every day, until you notice that your disturbing hoarse or cough completely disappeared.

From the remaining core that you removed, you can actually prepare a very delicious radish salad. In this case, you only have to cut or slice the radish and sprinkle over it some sugar and then just leave it like that overnight. If you drink the obtained juice or eat the radish slices, both forms have the same powerful effects of healing hoarseness, cold, flu and cough. Try this powerful and natural home remedy and you will notice on the long run that you will not get these winter-specific diseases as often as you did before.

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Get rid of a cold overnight with black radish syrup