Fuller Lips Without having Surgery

Every woman’s dream is to have some sensual lips like Angelina Jolie. Many resort to hyaluronic acid or silicone, but for those who do not want to get into office cosmetic surgery there are some simple solutions with temporary results. Here’s how to create the illusion of fuller lips using makeup.

Before you plunge, here’s what you need:

– A concealer / concealer stick
– A nude lip pencil in shade
– A lip brush to apply blush on
– A transparent lip gloss or lipstick color
– A shiny lip gloss

1. Apply the concealer around the lips and slightly exceeding their contours.
2. Use a pencil in nude shade to contour your lips. Given that you have already applied the concealer over the natural contour of the lips, you can make a new lip shape. Color the lips in a nude shape.
3. Use a brush to apply a transparent gloss on the lips. If you prefer, you can also use colored lip gloss or lipstick in countries shades .
4. Apply a shinny lip gloss in the center of bottom lips – to create the illusion of larger lips.

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Fuller Lips Without having Surgery