Fix your Posture with a 3-Minutes-Exercise

The posture is something that most of the people are always ignoring, but in the same time it is a common issue among many individuals. This problem has special importance exclusively for those people who work all day at the office, standing in front of the computer, or study a lot at the desk and used to sit for long periods of time. However, the correct posture should represent for everyone a priority who copes with inappropriate posture.

The majority of people don’t realize that after sitting too much, standing suddenly up is bad because this sudden movement puts a lot of stress on your spine. Bad posture is also known to cause trouble with falling asleep and ‘forward head carriage’.

The good news is that this problem can be rectified with the 3-minutes-exercise that is very easy to do and not painful at all. People who already tried it admit that they were able to learn standing up from the chair straighter, gathered more self-confidence and felt a lot better. Even if it sounds strange at the first time or something exaggerated, it is important for you to understand that the exercise really works.

So, what is the exercise?
For doing the exercise, you need to stand straight against the wall, with your back and heels touching the wall. You need to touch the wall with your head as well. Then, you need to raise your arms to 45 degrees and do the wings, like you would fly. Do this swinging 10 times. Once done, get your arms back to the initial 45 degrees position and then start touching your ears with your palms. Do this 10 times. The final exercise consists of lifting your arms one after the other more times, like you would climb up on the rope or on the stairs. Do this with each arm 10 times.

As you can see, the entire exercise consists of a set of 3 movements. You need to repeat 3 sets of the movements in the morning and another 3 sets in the evening, before going to sleep.

Simple facts to keep in mind about this 3-minutes-exercise
It is important to keep in mind in the same time that even if the exercise has results, they are valid only for short-term. When it comes to change your posture thoroughly that has been a bad one for years, you will have to do the exercise twice on a daily basis (once in the morning and once at night, before going to sleep). You should do it twice a day for about one whole month. Only after letting to pass at least 30 days, you might feel improvement in your posture and after this period, results will last for longer periods of time.

If you believe that this exercise might help you with spinal problems you are currently coping with, it isn’t. You either shouldn’t practice this exercise as it would come directly from your doctor. Whenever you feel pain or discomfort because of the exercise, consult your doctor immediately.

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Fix your Posture with a 3-Minutes-Exercise