Finger Puppet Bunny


Hip, hop, hippity-hop… Easter is a hoppin’ closer and closer and we are making more & more crafts to get you into the spirit of the occasion.

When I was little, I was very spoiled. On special occasions like Easter and Valentines’ Day I would wake up to a cute little present on my bedside table. A little toy, a book, some candies… it was always something I looked forward to. On Easter I would usually get some chocolate eggs and something else pretty. As the years went by I always looked forward to waking up to a special little treat on those holidays, it didn’t matter what it was, it always made me feel special.

So if you’ve got little kiddies you want to give a little treat to this Easter that isn’t laden with sugar, why not make a finger puppet bunny for them to hop along with? He’s easy, he’s cute and he’s quite the looker. You can ensure that they’ll feel mighty special when they get your little bunny of love.

So here’s to cute bunnies, Easter kiddie presents and things that are just oh-so-very pretty.

Finger Puppet BunnyTools Needed:

  • 1 square of cream/white felt
  • 1 square of pink felt
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • pink or white yarn

Finger Puppet Bunny1. Cut out 4 bunnies – 2 white and 2 pink

Finger Puppet Bunny2. Put the bunnies together, 2 pink bunnies in the middle and 2 white ones on the outside.

3. Take your embroidery thread and needle and do a basic stitch through all 4 bunnies.

4. Once you get to the first ear, only sew together the top white and pink ears, leaving the two bunny ears behind unstitched.

5. Once you get to the bottom of the ear continue to stitch through all four bunnies. Knot and finish off.

6. Go back to the back ear and sew those two white and pink ears together. Knot and finish off.

Finger Puppet BunnyTada! Your semi-finish finger-puppet bunny.

Finger Puppet Bunny7. Make your pom-pom bunny tail. You can use a fork or use your fingers. Wrap the yarn in circles and make a big ball. Once you’ve wrapped it about 15-20 times you wrap the opposite way and do 3 round down the middle. Tie off to secure and cut the excess string off.

8. Sew your pom-pom to the bum of your finger-puppet bunny and let your bunny hop away and shake it’s little pom-pom.

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Finger Puppet Bunny