Your eyes can reveal your health

The eyes are a window towards true health of the body. Industry experts say that the eyes can provide important clues related to undiagnosed visible health problems after a routine test.
Andy Hepworth ophthalmologist believes that a visit to a specialist cabinet is important not only to detect vision problems, but also to prevent the evolution of more severe illness that can be life threatening.

“People think they have to check their eyes only to detect vision problems, but all we should examine regularly so that diseases such as diabetes can be discovered before the entire body hurt,” says the doctor.

Red eyes and health
Red eyes indicate, often hypertension. Through a technique involving light, the ophthalmologist is able to see the smallest blood vessels. Thus, high blood pressure causes them to twist and even to inflame, and that leads to eye redness. About a quarter of adults with hypertension do not know they have this problem, which can cause strokes.
Stains on the eyes or white bumps
Spots or fat white bumps show the presence of diabetes. Fat deposits on the retina or around the eyes are often signs of type 2 diabetes. The need of stronger glasses supports the diagnosis, whose complications can be avoided by early detection.

Eyes and health – white areas on the iris
White areas on the iris, the colored part of the eye, indicate a high level of cholesterol. Flat white fat deposits under the skin and around the eyes are similar signs that coincide with an increased risk of heart disease.
Health eyed people

Eyed or “bulging” eyes accompany thyroid diseases. If you are not a genetically inherited characteristic, eyed may be evidence of an overactive thyroid. Abnormal levels of thyroid hormones cause the tissues around the eyes to swell and they seem pushed outward.
Eyelid drooping
Eyelid drooping may show a temporary facial paralysis or stroke, especially if speech is unclear. More rarely, drooping eyelids can be also evidence of a brain tumor or an autoimmune disease.
Eyes and health – different Pupils
Pupils of different sizes are signs of a stroke or tumors. When you are healthy, they are almost identical and reacts similar to light. Experts say that if a pupil is larger or shrinks more slowly, can speak, in some cases, about a clear signs of a stroke, brain tumor or optic nerve aneurysm.

If the white area of the eye is yellow that means you have liver problems. Whether cirrhosis or hepatitis, white area of the eyes may escalate into yellow because of bilirubin, a substance created by the degradation of hemoglobin, the molecule responsible for red blood cells.

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Your Eyes Can Reveal Your Health