Exercises for your Thighs and Hips – Forget Everything you Knew so far


One of the most problematic body areas in women is the area of the hips and the interior zone of the thighs. Unaesthetic fat from these areas frequently leads to losing trust and self-confidence. The arrival of summer is always a threatening problem for women with this problem, because the swimsuit represents the supreme test for every woman who respects herself. What kind of training should you do, so that these areas would be toned?

The best answer is: there isn`t a training that targets only on these areas of the body.

Fewer calories, more sporting
The myth of fat deposited on the hips and interior zone of thighs is one of the most popular one among women; this is the reason why you need to immediately discover the solution to this grinding problem.

It`s impossible to eliminate fat only from certain areas that you probably consider as being problematic and this because your muscular and adipose tissue are two totally different components that have no relation with the proof. Therefore, you can`t do exercises with the help of your muscles, while fat from certain areas melts down. It`s impossible!

The only way to lose weight is ingesting fewer calories than your body consumes every day (the famous principle of calories in – calories out). You can tip the balance in your favor through calorie-poor alimentation and daily training that consumes calories.

Any fitness training has two components: muscle development (by working on the muscles with weights that increase in force and volume) and aerobic development that involves high calorie intake and improving resistance to effort.

If you`re undergoing weight loss, it is recommended that you focus on the second component of the fitness training: the aerobic component. How can you do that? Choose exercises that simultaneously work on more muscles: run, sprint or jump. The secret is to maintain your pulse at high level.

The exercises you have read of so far that they help to sculpture thighs and hips are indeed meant to work on the hip muscles and posterior, but they won`t maintain your cardiac rhythm at high level; therefore, such exercises are not suitable for weight loss purposes.

An efficient training, from all points of view that includes problematic areas is formed of basic movements that in the lack of long breaks between series reach to require your aerobic component.

So, forget about squats performed every 3 days, lifting up your legs sideways and cycling, and apply this schedule that even if seems to be complicated at first sight, over time will become piece of cake and results won`t delay to show up. Take a short break of 5 seconds between exercises.

  • Squats: are the most efficient exercises but everybody avoids them. Squats are the exercises that best develop the muscles of your thighs, hips, buttocks and quadriceps. Do 20 squats each time and feel the difference.
  • Pushups: activate the main muscle groups, require the cardiovascular component that increases the capacity of effort and help you to burn more calories. 20 pushups are highly efficient in this case.
  • Lunges: represent an excellent exercise for the muscles in your legs. 20 lunges performed efficiently are ideal for your purposes.
  • Crunches: if you feel a nagging pain right in your lower back when trying to do crunches, it is most likely that your back is not properly bonded to the floor on which you are doing the exercise. In order to eliminate back pain, it`s indicated to bent your knees and lift your legs up, so that the lumbar area would stay in permanent contact with the floor. Try this small trick to get rid of back pain when doing crunches. Have you felt an improvement? It is recommended that you do a series of 20 crunches at a training session.
  • Jumps: stay with the sole of your feet distantly, knees bent and palms on your hips. Contract the internal muscles of the thighs and buttocks while pressing your heel and toes and execute a jump. For maximum efficiency, perform the jumps with an alert rhythm without break for 30 seconds. Do of these jumps 20 and try to jump up to the ceiling (or as high as you can).
  • Running in place: this simple exercise maintains your pulse at a level above the normal range, when you choose a higher and faster speed of execution/tempo. For weight loss goals, you need to keep your pulse as high as possible. If you don`t have a pulse monitor, you can try this test.

When your pulse is over 140 BPM, it becomes hard to talk to someone. If your pulse is lower than 140, so medium, you will not encounter any difficulties in chatting with your training partner. Why is this happening? Your pulse rises so that the heart can pump blood full of oxygen more frequently towards the muscles, so your body is trying to inspire as much air as possible. When we talk, the air is pressed outwards through vocal cords that promote articulate noises. Here comes a contradiction because it is impossible to talk when you inhale air. Try it yourself!

Repeat this circuit 3 times every morning and you will observe how fat starts to disappear from the entire surface of your body, not only the interior zone of your thighs and hips. In addition, choose a low-calorie and processed sugars alimentation (focus on vegetables, fruits, white meat, like fish, low dairy products and whole grains) and you will significantly increase your chances of succeeding.

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Exercises for your Thighs and Hips – Forget Everything you Knew so far


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