Enjoy Easter craft

The Easter fun for kids
Easter means, holiday goodness with crafts for the children. Easter is observed on Sunday and so it is usually closed for all working class and also educational institutions, even the banks which are operating on Sundays are closed. Kids usually gather around with their friends in the neighborhood and cousins and try to search out what crafts to make during this holiday. The Easter occasion allows children to open the opportunity of showing their crafting skills at home. They can use different household and useless items to make different things for decorating their house, as a school Easter project or for gifting to other people.

Making the Easter bunny
Making a rabbit on the Easter is a must for kids. Many kids may have single sock and the other pair has either lost in the laundry or has torn out. One can use these single socks to make some cute and adorable bunnies. To make these bunnies, one needs funnel or spoons, dried lentils, single or ton out sock, rubber bands, ribbons, scissors, some old buttons, cotton balls, tacky glue, felt and useless buttons. One then have to make sock bean bags using these items such as filling the sock with cotton, dried lentils, spoon or funnel and then tightly closing it from the top with the help of a rubber band. One can decorate with ribbons and buttons making bunny faces. One can also color the socks in different colors using fabric paints. These adorable bunnies can then be used as decorative pieces or the kids can gift them to their aunts, uncles, grandparents and teachers.

One can also make an Easter bunny craft with the help of some old pipes and hardboiled egg with its shell. This can be a great craft and can also act like a great way to present hardboiled egg for dinner or even breakfast. For this, one have to cut down old pipes in a small table stand size and then fix the egg on the top. The cut pipe should then be decorated by gluing old cloth together. The front or the pointed size of the egg should be glued with buttons for the rabbit eyes and then with red and white cloth or card sheet, nose and two front teeth should be made to give impression of the bunny. On the top two bunny years with the help of cardboard should be attached. Now keep these egg bunnies on your dining table when serving food.

Making Easter egg
Another craft which children can do this Easter is the decoration of the Easter eggs. There are many plain chocolate eggs available in the market which children can decorate using markets, paints, leads, beads and different types of buttons. These eggs can then be set in the basket and then given to different people. The Easter egg is best and reliable for the people. It makes the people very happy and pleased to offer best services.