How to Eliminate Fleas out of your Home!

Summer is a pleasant season, but during these hot months one of the main problems you might need to face is fleas that keep bugging your beloved pet. If you let your pets in the house, the chances that fleas will find their favorite place in your home are high.

When it comes to eliminate fleas out of your home, it is understandable that you deal with an unpleasant situation because the permanent presence of the fleas in your home is annoying. The best thing to do, before jumping into action is to talk to your veterinarian who would be able to recommend a proper treatment and shampoo for your pet so that your beloved animal can get rid of parasites efficiently. Using a dehumidifier is the second important step in your fight against fleas because this solution will lower humidity to less than 50% in your home.

For surviving, fleas are in need of a humid environment and when you decide to apply this dehumidifying method, their larvae and parasites will die instantly. Once done, all you have to do is use the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpets and wash your bed sheets as well. There are other methods too that can help you to get rid of these nasty insects efficiently. For instance, using a homemade insecticide with salt and baking powder that you sprinkle on your carpet would also be a helpful technique to eliminate fleas out of your home. The powder has the effect of dehydrating the insects and this fact leads to their death. If you choose this method, you need to leave the solution on your carpets for two days and hardly after that use the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpets and get rid of both the parasites and the powder.

It is very important to pay attention once you have applied the powder on the carpets. While the solution stays on the carpets, your pet and children should never get into direct contact with it because the solution could be toxic to them.

If you have eucalyptus in your home, that is a great thing because fleas hate this plant. However, if you don`t have this plant in your home, there is no problem because all you need to do is sprinkle several drops of eucalyptus leaves oil on the surfaces where the fleas love to stay (these are usually humid and dark areas in your home).

For efficiently removing fleas from your home, there is another excellent solution that will perfectly do the job: this is the classic naphthalene. However, in the room in which you decide to use naphthalene you should never let your children and pet get in. Simply sprinkle the naphthalene on the corners of the room, leave the room like that for several days and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets properly.

Hopefully, all of these great methods will help you to eliminate fleas out of your home efficiently. Try any of these mentioned and described techniques and see the final results!

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How to Eliminate Fleas out of your Home