Efficient and Fantastic Cleaning Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room

You always keep your bedroom and living room clean for the health of your family and because you spend most of your time in these areas of your home and perhaps, you maintain the living room permanently clean for amazing your guests, when it’s the case.

With the following cleaning tips for these rooms, you’ll enjoy the whole cleaning process even more, no matter how long it would take to finish your job:

  • Get rid of dust. Store in a box the used feather dusters; being antistatic, you could eliminate dust with them very well from the TV screen as well. Another option would be to use a wet cotton cloth, so that the dust would not spread in the air anymore.
  • Eliminate marks on the furniture. Rub the furniture with a mixture of olive oil and cigarette ashes and then clean it with a clean cloth and apply furniture spray.
  • To clean between elements of the radiator, straighten a coat hanger hook and insert into it a sponge. You can also use or confection a brush with a very long handle.
  • Make your floor look sparkling. To clean the floor, use universal cleaning solution and a wet microfiber mop or a clean and big sponge. You could even sometimes clean the floor with a dry mop or with the vacuum cleaner, to gather accumulated hair and dust.
  • Water stains on the furniture. Rub the stains with Vaseline, leave it like that for 24 hours, and then clean that area. You can also rub such areas with non-gel tooth paste until the water stains disappear.
  • Lamps with textile decorations will also have to be cleaned. Eliminate dust from the textile decorations with a soft brush or vacuum them gently. Take off the upper part of the lamp and clean it carefully with a clean cloth on which you applied a little bit of soap. To dry it, use the hair drier but not too close to it, so that it wouldn’t get burnt.
  • Use a wet sponge to paint difficult places; the color will stretch much better than with a brush.
  • Pen marks on the sofa or carpets? Soften a sponge in milk and rub the stain well. You will have to try several times, but you will surely succeed. Lint on upholstery can be very easily and efficiently cleaned with a wet and clean cloth.
  • Wipe the louvers with a ruler on which you folded a clean cloth. Apply on it furniture spray and gently wipe the blades, from the top to the bottom. You can also vacuum them, if your vacuum has a special brush for upholstery.
  • Wet wipes for babies are “multifunctional”. You can use them especially to wipe diverse stains on the carpets, sofa or armchairs. They don’t leave any traces behind and have a pleasant smell.
  • Speed-up cleaning! In order not to plug in and then unplug the vacuum cleaner every few minutes, use an extension cord and do the cleaning during the commercials between your favorite movies. You’ll be thus motivated to work twice as fast!
  • With a cotton ear stick soaked in warm water and soap or detergent, you can clean the spaces between your computer keys, but be careful not to make the stick be too wet.
  • Clean bronze ornaments with a little bit of potato cream of brown color and a dry cloth. These ornaments can be surely found in your living room, for improving its décor and making a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and family.
  • Clean the silverware like this: place the objects on a baking tray with pieces of aluminum foils and cover them with boiled water. Leave them like that for 10 minutes.
  • Refresh the carpets by spreading on their surface coarse salt. Leave them like that for a few hours and vacuum them.
  • Washing Chinese ornaments. Just like bronze ornaments, you can have these items in your living room or bedroom for decoration purposes. Place an old towel in a plastic basin. Fill it with warm water and add several drops of soap or liquid detergent that doesn’t have smell and color. Wash each object one by one, with the help of a soft cloth and then rinse them well in clean water. Let them dry or wipe them with a kitchen towel.
  • Dust on the plants. If you decide to clean each leaf of a plant in your apartment, you won’t finish before the night comes! Simpler and faster is to place the plant in the bathtub and to gently sprinkle it with the showerhead. In the end it will be both cleaned and wet!
  • The mini-carpets from the entry. Rule up the mini-carpet with its face, bind it at the endings and then beat it with a stick. Rolling separates the fibers and helps to remove dust from the carpet. You will obviously perform this task outdoors, except when you want to fill your home with dust.
  • To clean cat hair from the sofa, armchairs and carpets, use dry suede or a pair of rubber gloves.
  • The mattress on the bed. It can be refreshed if you sprinkle on it baking soda, you leave it like that for a few hours and then you vacuum it.
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Efficient and Fantastic Cleaning Ideas for Bedroom and Living Room