Most Effective Laundry Tricks

In the beginning, the clothes were washed in the river. After the washing machine was invented and hand washing became a memory. Although it is an age-old activity, laundry still has many secrets. Let’s discover together in the following, which are the most effective tricks for laundry. Apply them and thus prolongs the life of your favorite clothes.

Zip up
The first thing you need to do when you enter a garment in the washing machine with zipper is to zip it. In this way, you prevent the distortion of clothing objects.
Turn clothes inside out
One of the most effective tricks for laundry that probably many of you know which is turning them upside down before putting them in the washing machine. In this way, the fabric is protected and clothes will look better longer than if you wash them normally. Another very interesting and very practical trick is to wash clothes that are worn together, usually together. The idea is that the clothes will degrade together.
Do you have a pair of jeans that you usually wear with the same 4-5 sweaters? Wash them together. Do you have a skirt that matches with it 3-4 blouses? Wash them together. However, do not forget the color criterion. This trick does not apply unless the clothes have similar colors.
Do not use hot water
As a rule, the newest types of washing machines have delicate wash programs that do not allow you to greatly increase water temperature. However, if your washing machine does not regulate their own temperature, avoid increasing it very much. The temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius is enough even for the dirtiest clothes. There are clothes that shrink, especially those made of cotton.
Protect delicate laundry
Whether it’s clothes, curtains, tablecloths and other things with fine fabrics they demand to be protected more than their resistant materials such as cotton, linen, cloth or poplin. One of the most effective tricks for washing delicate laundry is inserting them into the pillow case. Tie at the ends the pillowcases, and then tuck them into the washing machine.
Use this trick even if your car is fitted with delicate wash program. This program lasts usually longer and in addition, the laundry remains moistened. Instead of choosing a delicate wash program use the pillow trick.
Do not add too much detergent
One of the most effective tricks is the one with the laundry detergent. An incorrect dosage thereof results in either an inefficient wash when adding an insufficient amount of detergent or staining clothes, if put too much detergent. The best solution in this case is the liquid detergent capsules, which contain the ideal amount of cleaning agent.
Do not fill the washing machine with laundry
Do you have too many clothes to wash and want to finish this process fast? The solution is not to stuff the washing machine. If you do not have time, sort the laundry you urgently need and wash them and wash the others in the near future on with another occasion. Do you know other laundry tricks that you want to share with us?
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Most Effective Laundry Tricks