Easy Ways to Deal with Dandruff

Are you facing the problem of stubborn dandruff that creates embarrassment for you in front of others? If yes, then you must have taken a number of steps to get rid of this condition of your scalp where dead skin or flakes are formed and keep falling all over the place. However, dealing with dandruff is not easy as many people before you have found out. No matter what you do, dandruff keeps coming back again and again.  This article contains some simple but very effective ways to get rid of dandruff from your head.

Apply aloe vera gel
Aloe Vera gel is a great way to keep dandruff in check. Just rub pure aloe vera gel over your scalp half an hour before taking shower and then shampoo your hair. You can use this product without any worries as it is natural and does not have any side effects.

Fenugreek seeds
Soak 1=2 teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds in water at night to let it soften up. In the morning, make a paste of these seeds and apply on your scalp thoroughly. Let this paste remain over your head for an hour and then wash hair with shampoo. You can add lime juice into the paste to make it more effective as it is considered to be a good remedy for dandruff. Lemon also removes oils from the scalp to make your hair less sticky.

Coconut oil with lemon juice
This is a very healthy home remedy to get rid of dandruff from your head. Mix a tsp of lemon juice to 5 tsp of coconut oil and mix it thoroughly. Apply the paste over the scalp and leave for half an hour before washing your hair.

Garlic with lemon
There is no reason to hate garlic anymore as it is a treasure house of health benefits. It has been found to be especially effective in controlling dandruff over your scalp. Make a paste of garlic cloves in lemon juice and apply it over your scalp.  Remember to mix lemon and garlic in the ratio of 1:2. Garlic is a great antibacterial herb that can easily remove dandruff from your scalp. Leave the paste over your head for half an hour before washing your hair.

Baking soda removes dandruff
Baking soda is not only very useful in your kitchen but also in your bathroom as a substance that can remove dandruff from your scalp. Just add a little bit of baking soda to your shampoo and apply on your hair. You will be surprised that baking soda removes greasy white dandruff flakes from your scalp and even dandruff that easily hides in between hair strands.

Add a pinch of salt to your scalp
No, this is not a joke. The same table salt that you add to make your snacks tasty can help you in removing dandruff from your scalp. Just rub the salt on to your scalp using your fingers. Let the salt remain on the scalp for a few minutes before washing it off by rinsing your hair.

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Easy Ways to Deal with Dandruff