Easter Basket Liner Tutorial


I am in a hurry to move on to Easter crafts. Although I have shown a few “springy” crafts, I am excited to show you the craft for today… a DIY lined Easter Basket! I LOVE these ones from pottery barn and I think I did a pretty good job at making the knock off of these.

So I know that I am not very good at doing sewing tutorials but I really tried hard on this one to make it understandable and super easy to follow. That being said, I haven’t done that many sewing tutorials so if you have any questions when you make yours, just comment. I usually can get back to you in less than 24 hours. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • About a yard of fabric (depending on the size of your basket)
  • An old basket from D.I.
  • White spray paint
  • Coordinating thread (I used white)
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

This is what my baskets looked like before I started:

Easter Basket Liner TutorialSee the basket on the left? That is the one that we are using for this tutorial. I made two of them (since I have two kids) but I actually like the light wood one better. It spray painted a whole lot better than the dark wood one. Just sayin’.

Now spray paint your basket using just the .96 cent white spray…

Easter Basket Liner TutorialThen let your basket dry overnight… just to be safe. Now select which fabric you are going to use. I wanted to use a gingham fabric (so it wasn’t so girly for my boys) but I didn’t have any in my giant stash, so I improvised. I actually ended up using two different fabrics. I used a pale yellow corduroy on the bottom and layered a sheer polka dotted fabric over the top. If you are going to layer your fabric like I did, just cut out your pieces one by one.

Step 1 for cutting fabric. Set basket on fabric and cut an oval piece, using the bottom of the basket as your guide. I left about a half inch on all sides….

Easter Basket Liner Tutorial Easter Basket Liner TutorialWhat you are going to do now, is cut TWO trapezoid pieces like this: (these are the sides to your liner. You need to cut two so that your ties can come out the sides and tie around the handles of your basket.)

Easter Basket Liner TutorialThis is how you measure the size of your trapezoid.

Measure the height of your basket. Remember that your liner needs to go up and over the edge of your basket. I measured mine at about 5 inches high then added 4 inches to my height to account for the fact that you need it to sew a casing. This came to 9 inches, which is the side of your trapezoid.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow measure the half of the circumference of your basket (from handle to handle) on the rim. Mine measured 21 1/2 inches.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow measure from handle to handle on the bottom of your basket. Mine was 18 inches long.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow cut your trapezoid like so… be sure to leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow just take this piece you cut and lay it over your fabric and cut another so you have two…

You also need to cut a piece of fabric for your ties. To measure how long the ties needed to be, I just held my fabric around my basket (from handle to handle) and added some extra. Remember that you want your ties to be too long rather than two short. When in doubt, cut it extra long. You can always double knot your bows if you need to.

See this long skinny piece in the pic below? I cut that in half long ways and I had two equal tie pieces. They were only about an inch wide and like four feet long almost. But yours will be different depending on your basket.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialLike I said earlier, I used two layered fabrics. So at this point I just cut all the same pieces in my sheer polka dot fabric and then pinned all my like pieces together. That way it was like I was just sewing them as a single fabric. If you are only using one fabric you can skip this step.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialIron your pieces (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Ironing your liner when its made is going to be a paint in the neck.) When you iron your oval, crease it in half so you know where to hook your side pieces on.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow get your sewing machine out. Here comes the fun part!

Lets start with the ties. They are the easiest. Fold your tie in half (right sides together) and sew one end like this:

Easter Basket Liner TutorialRun down the long side of it and just run off the end at the other end of the tie, like this:

Easter Basket Liner TutorialCut the corner on the first end:

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow turn it right side out using a pin or turning needle. Do the same thing for the other tie. Set aside for later.

Get one of your trapezoid pieces. Place it pretty side down. ย Pin up the side of the trapezoid just as little as you can, and sew it up the side. Do this to BOTH sides of your trapezoid.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialOnce that is sewn, fold down the TOP of your trapezoid (still pretty side down) so it looks like this:

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow that the sides and top are sewn down, you are going to create the casing for your ties. Make sure that your casing is big enough to hold your ties. I made mine about 1/2 big. So fold down the top of the trapezoid again, only this time leaving enough room for your ties to slide through the hole.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialOnce you have finished sewing the casing at the top, do all these same steps to the other trapezoid.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow that both pieces are prepped and ready, place them on top of each other (pretty sides together). So the side of each trapezoid together. But don’t sew over your casing. Otherwise you will have closed the hole for the ties to go through. Only sew up part of the way. Here is what they will look like when they are open…

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow for the last and somewhat tricky part.

Take a million pins and pin your trapezoids to your oval piece. Remember where you marked the center of your oval? Line that up with the line in your trapezoids as shown above. Line it all up and pin the heck out of it. It should look really goofy like this:
(See my two year old on the couch using the ipad? Thats what my kids get when I sew)

Easter Basket Liner TutorialLastly, just sew all these pieces together usual the oval as your guide! Cut all your strings and double check to see if it fits in your basket!

Easter Basket Liner TutorialNow lets go back to your ties. Once they are turned right side out, iron them flat. Fold in the open end and just top stitch it closed. Attach a safety pin to it and get ready to thread it through your casing.

Easter Basket Liner TutorialOnce your ties are threaded through the casing, tie them to each other in little bows and you are done!

Easter Basket Liner TutorialTurn off your iron and clean up the huge mess you just made. ๐Ÿ™‚
Easter Basket Liner TutorialEaster Basket Liner TutorialEaster Basket Liner Tutorial

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Easter Basket Liner Tutorial