How to easily clean the oven

Cleaning an old oven in which you have cooked many times can be the worst household chore. So you postponed it until collected lots of dirt and now is harder to remove. Specialists in cleaning revealed us a few tricks that you haven’t thought. Cleaners are cheap and handy tool.

Classic oven to stove. The older the harder would be the cleaning process.
For this reason it is very important to avoid the dirt to gather over some months and clean the oven after each use.
If possible, do not use cleaning products based on chemicals – this can lead to inflammation and even skin burns. Sprinkle baking soda with confidence on the surface that has to be cleaned, and then sprinkle it with water using a sprayer. Allow to act overnight, and then remove it with a sponge. If some patches remain stubbornly stuck on the oven, you can use white vinegar.
Electric furnace. Before rushing to clean, make sure the appliance is switched off. Close the oven from the wall and cleanse first surface beneath it with a damp cloth. For indoor use a natural paste, composed of a quarter of a cup of salt, three-quarters of a cup of sodium bicarbonate and 150 ml of water. Spread the slurry with a brush and allow to work during the night. The next day, remove the solution with warm water and a soft cloth. Allow to dry and restart the oven.
Microwave oven. Mix lemon juice and pulp  with  250 ml of water in a heat resistant container. Heat liquid in the microwave, the maximum step for 10 minutes or until the steam is condensed on the walls of the device. Then remove the dish from the oven and wipe the device with a cloth. You will see that dirt will disappear easily.
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How To Easily Clean The Oven