Ear Piercings

When I am  thinking about ear piercing, I can not find an especially year, when this has become a trend. Ear piercing fashion as evolved and today you can find a lot of styles and designs. All you need is love for piercing and fashion. The location of where ear piercing is placed… depends on personal choice-but the most common location is the earlobe. You can go for a single ear piercing or more. Have a look at these stunning designs !

However, when thinking to have an ear piercing, look at the health factors as well. I know that no one has died because of an ear piercing but I know people that have gotten their ear badly infected because of it.

I, for example, I`m not wearing anything at this time, because my ear can not support anything. Also if you are allergic, like I am, then you better consider the material before you purchase one.

I know people that can’t wear any other jewellery rather than gold or silver, and that’s because their skin makes bad reactions to other metals.

Keep in mind that, large ear piercing hold a higher risk of infections and that’s because of it’s size and the trauma created, especially if you wear it daily.

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Ear Piercings