Put Onions in your Socks and Sleep with them

The bottom of your feet represents the link to the internal organs of the human body and is usually called as meridians in Chinese medicine. Practically, your feet are directly getting into contact with all of the internal organs; however, a lot of people believe that these meridians simply don’t exist. However, if you have even little knowledge of Chinese medicine, you can also understand that the meridians represent a direct contact with the nervous system. And if you believe that you have nerves and a nervous system, it means that you also have to believe in meridians that are there on the bottom of your feet!

It is considered that the bottom of our feet has approximately 7,000 nerve endings that are all linked to one or more internal organs of the human body. However, these nerves are unfortunately not able to work properly, because we are continuously walking in shoes. This is the reason why doctors recommend practicing barefoot walking as often as possible because this method may stimulate the meridians on the bottom of your feet.

One of the best methods for stimulating the meridians on the bottom of your feet and for purifying the internal organs without the need of dieting is to put onions or garlic into your socks that you will wear overnight. Onions and garlic are actually great purifiers that kill all bacteria and germs when are topically applied to the skin. This is possible because of the strong phosphoric acid present in onions and garlic; this is also the reason why your eyes get easily wet (like you are crying), when you slice these veggies. When you put onions or garlic in your socks and they get in contact with your feet, they kill germs and bacteria by getting into the bloodstream.

Once you used one slice of onion for this purpose, most of the people recommend that you don’t re-use the same slice for the same thing or for eating, because it is not hygienic.
There are only two steps to do, so you can purify your bloodstream and eliminate all dirty germs and bacteria from your body. Let us see how to do that:

1. Cut one white or red organic onion into slices
You will definitely opt for organic onions for purifying purposes, because you don’t want other types of onions full of chemicals and pesticides to enter your bloodstream and stay there all night long. You simply need to slice the onions and add as many slices as needed, until your whole bottom of your feet is covered with slices.

2. Place the onions into your socks and go to sleep!
While you are sleeping, the healing power of the onion will start to work, by getting in touch with your body through the skin and most importantly, the onion slices will absorb toxins, kill bacteria and germs and purify the blood. Even the air in your room may become purified!

The air purifying effects are also beneficial for everyone. In England, chopping up onions and letting them in the room for air purifying purposes is a real trend! This way, people believe that with the help of purified air, they are less susceptible to infections, flu and anything else that may be harmful for the health.
There are several benefits of slicing onions, putting them in your socks and wearing the socks overnight. These are as following:
1. Blood purifying: the phosphoric acid found in onions is responsible for absorbing toxins and purifying the blood.
2. Pathogens, germs and bacteria killing: both onions and garlic are well-known for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
3. Air purifying: as we mentioned above, onions can also purify the air and even if your feet will be smelly in the morning when you take off your socks, they will not be smelly later and will also be free of toxins and chemicals.

If you believe that onions may be indeed beneficial for you (for purifying purposes, of course), give them a try and if it really worked, let as many people as possible to know about this valuable and useful information!

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