Do you have small dental carie ? Here you have some great solutions to get rid of them naturaly

Are you afraid of the dentist and you don’t want to step into his office never even for a routine? Here I will tell you  a wonderful combination that reduces cavities and guarantees your teeth healthy. For this miracle solution you need some key ingredients to mix them. Once you mix these ingredients and you obtained the powder, start to use it daily. Suitable is to use it before bedtime, because its effect is more secure.

Ingredients :

white clay powder
baking soda
Calcium carbonate
Himalayan pink salt
sage oil

You can combine ingredients every night before bed, just what you need for brushing.  After using it, the feeling is clean, fresh, and the dental cavities will be just a bad memory.

What foods help you get rid of caries

  • coconut butter
  • natural dairy products
  • meat from the animals raised at the country side
  • fish
  • soups and broths bone
  • raw and cooked vegetables
  • liver

If you have big caries, very damaged teeth, then you need to see a dentist. With this kind of treatment you will not improve your decay. This is a solution mostly to prevent the dental damage that your daily food can do to your teeth health.

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