Do you dry your clothes Inside the House? See how badly it can Sicken You!

Probably, we have been warned by doctors regarding the way in which we dry our clothes. And, according to specialists’ advice, in no way we must not leave to dry them inside the house because we can sicken our lungs. The fact that the vapors which rise during the process of drying of laundry in room can make us become sick is an already known fact. But the doctors pay the attention to the thing that, proceeding in this way, we can sicken our lungs, more precisely we can get aspergillosis, an infectious lung disease caused by a species of fungus called Aspergillus fumigatus.

The doctors from the United States of America warn that the persons who dry their clothes on radiator can develop fungi and lung infections because of the mildew which forms as a result of humidity.

We introduce the disease into our body

“I realized that it is serious and after this I started to get on my feet, shortly after the visit at doctor, who told me that I have chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. He prescribed me special medicine for combating the fungi”, told one of patients, who claims that was used to leave his textiles on radiator in kitchen.

The doctor warned him that the disease can worsen, so the man understood that he must not recourse to this technique after washing his clothes anymore. After the treatment and following the doctor’s advice, the man observed a considerable amelioration of his health condition.

Although it seems a minor gesture, the experts ring the alarm: we can seriously sicken if we do not undertake measures. The clothes dried on radiator can increase the level of humidity over 30 percent and can create ideal conditions for the mildew development.

2 liters of water, in the laundry removed from washing machine

“A heap of freshly washed clothes contains approximately two liters of water, which evaporate in room. The majority of us are immune to these infections, with fungi which develop in such conditions, or have a stronger organism and can fight against this infection. However, there are persons who suffer of asthma or allergies and for whom such an environment can be extremely bad. Nor for the patients with cancer, who are treated by chemotherapy, the patients with AIDS or other autoimmune diseases is indicated such an environment. They are vulnerable to fungi, and the fungi can provoke them lung aspergillosis. It is a disease which can cause an incurable illness, or even a chronic or lethal one at the level of lungs”, is the warning of the professor David Denning, who recommends us to keep the textiles far from kitchen or other rooms of our house and dry them instead outside, at fresh air, or in dryer.

For preventing lung diseases caused by indoor drying, the researchers recommend to be introduced in housing complexes special communal drying areas.

So, do not take into consideration that winter is approaching and clothes dry a too long period of time, health is much more important than clothes! Make the right choice.

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Do you dry your clothes Inside the House See how badly it can Sicken You.