DIY Yarn Wrapped Key Covers

This DIY project is simple and creative. When you do research, you will find various things that are being wrapped with yarn, using this simple process, you can also find something simple like keys and try to wrap the yarn around it. To create this incredible DIY, you need:


  • Key
  • Tacky Glue
  • Embroidery Floss, get about five feet
  • Scissors


    • First, take glue and put it on top (both sides) of the key. It is suggestible to add a small quantity of glue first and then if needed add more.

    • Find the embroidery floss center and put it on the base of the key’s bow.
    • Take the embroidery floss to the top and start wrapping around the key cover, and wrap the two sides with the yarn alternatively. If needed add more glue and keep wrapping.
    • In case, the key you selected contains multiple holes on the top of the key, then you must wrap each hole individually.

    • Lock the first end of the floss and attach it with glue to the rest of the yarn. Cut the extra yarn off if required.
    • Wrap the residual end around the key and cover it completely.
    • Now, glue the ends to stick to the key securely.

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