DIY Wood Shelves


Back a few months ago a nice man took down his fence and posted it on Craigslist for free. I loaded up the kids, drove over there as fast as I could and filled up the trunk of my Subaru.
I used the wood for this piece of art Airplane Wall Art, but the rest has just been taking up precious space in my garage.
I needed some shelves for my office/craft room/loft area and decided I would find a way to make this wood work for me!

Now, I am no carpenter and have no real “skills” so to speak of. I also didn’t want to spend much money so I made my stash work for me.
Don’t laugh… or judge me… but I used a staple gun and wood glue to make these shelves!
DIY Wood Shelves
HA-No, seriously. I stapled the wood together and then filled in some of the gaps with glue. Very professional around here I tell ya.
DIY Wood Shelves
I didn’t even cut the wood, or sand, or spruce up. It is all jaggedy and rustic.(or dilapidated depending on how you look at it)
DIY Wood Shelves
I attached them with 3 sets of black shelf brackets at Ace for $2.99 each.
DIY Wood Shelves
And, remarkably, they have stayed attached to the wall and together for a few weeks and I have some heavy stuff on them too!
DIY Wood Shelves
Entire project $10! Yay!
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DIY Wood Shelves


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