DIY Wart Removal

How do you know that you have a wart? I will only want to talk about plantar warts. These are the worst things that grow mainly on the bottom of your feet or toes caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).Apparently they are highly contagious and can spread to anywhere else.
Now I will present you a home remedy for plantar wart.
What do you need:

-apple cider vinegar(any kind of apple cider vinegar)
-cotton wool
-medical tape
-a bowl

How to use:
1.Clean the area.
2.Pour a bit of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and soak your cotton ball in it for 2-3 minutes.
3.Place it on the top of the wart and cover it with a medical tape.
4.Left it on overnight.

In the morning,clean it again and reapply using the same steps above(you could walk easily on it if you strap it well enough)
At night you will see something different,the area had become more exposed and the skin will reveal some black spots(the wart’s roots).
Do that for a week.It will hurt very badly because the wart will turn black,harden and at the end it will fall off by itself(or you could use a disinfected nail clippers to kind of pry the corner of it).
Use the treatment for 2 more days to make sure that everything had been killed and didn’t came back.

Note:Do this properly or it will be a high chance that the roots are still intact and the wart still alive.

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DIY Wart Removal