DIY Vitamin C Serum

Lots of you ask me what exactly I use for skin care on a day to day basis and I guarantee you that post are soon to come however one sure product which I can’t live without everyday is the Vitamin C serum. It tightens your skin, helps clench pigmentation of hormones which and also helps avoid wrinkles. I wash it once at night before going to sleep. There’s just one issue with Vitamin C serum and it’s one of the most expensive product for skin care available in the market. I am recently using this product and I can tell you exactly how pricy it is but now I will show you how to create your own for not more than $10.

What you are going to use are:

  • Glass bottle (dark color)
  • L ascorbic or Vitamin C powder. You may able to purchase this at any health food store which carries bulk products or online.
  • 100% natural vegetable glycerin, which is an excellent serum base and allow your skin to be softer and have extra glow.


Mix the 1 tsp of Vitamin C powder with 2 teaspoons of natural vegetable glycerin in a small bowl. Break the crystals as much as possible until they are fully dissolved to avoid ending up with a result of grainy serum. If you’re having difficulties in dissolving the crystals add a little distilled or purified water into the mixtures. This must help to fully dissolve the grainy problem. Pour out carefully the created serum into the glass dark colored bottle. And apply 3 to 4 drops into your newly wash skin and smoothly massage it into your skin until completely absorbed. Keep it in a place which is cool and dry.

It so simple, easy as well as this will make your skin thank you. My suggestion is only to use this during the night. When you thought that your skin can able to manage using it twice daily then go ahead as this serum is entirely natural and doesn’t have any added preservatives, just enough to last of about 2 weeks. This Vitamin C serum can cause redness for a short while and that’s normal however when you experience any burning sensations immediately remove and wash it with cool water and minimize the amount of Vitamin C powder added to the vegetable glycerin.

Have fun and enjoy with this and feel free to come back and allow me to know how it feels trying this out!

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DIY Vitamin C Serum