DIY Snow Globes


Hi friends! I’m finally about done with all of our Christmas decorating, yay! Here is my last one. I love snow globes, they’re so magical. I’ve been seeing tons of snow globes in the past and bloggers that have made some really neat ones. They’ve given me inspiration to make my own and let me just say, they are very easy to make!
DIY Snow Globes

I purchased these trees at the Dollar Tree, they had them in the village section where I bought the buildings for my White Christmas Village.

DIY Snow GlobesI used jars that we had in our house and spray painted the lids silver, then hot glued the trees to the other side of the lids.

DIY Snow GlobesAfter letting the glue dry, I poured Epsom Salt into the jar, then placed the lid on, flipped the jar over and let the salt fall to the bottom.

DIY Snow GlobesI just love how easy they were to make! What do you think of the snow globes? Have you made snow globes this year? Leave a comment letting me know! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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DIY Snow Globes


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